Torneo a squadre

Ranking Team at round 9

15Monforte 1ITA98011624.5189
27Foggia 1ITA98011620.5136
310Foggia 2ITA97021421146
42Monforte 2ITA96031215.597
56Tre Fontane 1ITA95041016.595
63Leopoldo PillaITA95041014.579
78Monforte 3ITA930668.528
84Tre Fontane 2ITA920748.532
99Tre Fontane 3ITA910824.522
101Monforte 4ITA9009012

TieBreak legend:
GamPnt = Game Point
SB_MG = Sonn.-Ber.: MatPnt x GamPnt

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